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20-05-2019 18:16:29
lolol...also, you're right about pregnant, unless of course youre one of the super woke leftists...like the obese F2M person who failed to let the ER know they were indeed a woman, so they didnt really put the rush on their abdominal pain . instead this knucklehead was pregnannt and some suggest they shouldnt assume he is a man
[that was the text i was going to type at the moment but decided to just put it here, but also provide sources for something that is a serious problem. i am inclined to believe that despite our shared interest and attraction, that more than a few of us varying beliefs, opinions, and ideas on the topic.]

[https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2019/05/16/pregnant-transgender-man-births-stillborn-baby-hospital-missed-labor-signs/3692201002/] -- super woke media

[https://www.health.com/pregnancy/transgender-man-pregnant] -- not-so-woke, aka...more real science