A free, anonymous, minimalist and open source paste tool.


What is fPaste.me?

fPaste.me is a free, anonymous, minimalist and open source paste tool. You can send some text and share with some people quickly and easily.

How much does it cost to use fPaste.me?

Nothing. fPaste is totally free.

fPaste is free. Well. How is it financed?

fPaste is financed through the ads of our sponsors and user donations.

Are my data protected?

Totally. We use encryption algorithms to avoid attacks on the database. In addition, we never sell user information to other companies.

I am developer. Can I see the fPaste's code?

Sure. fPaste is Open Source. You can see the code in this URL: https://github.com/p-Dev-Network/fPaste

What is the difference between a public or private paste?

A public paste is accessible by anyone through the platform. A private paste is only accessible to those who know the URL.

How can I see all my pastes?

You can see all your pastes sent with your user account through the "My Pastes" link at the top of the platform or through the following link: https://fpaste.me/user/myPastes

I found illegal content. How do I report it?

At fPaste we take illegal content very seriously. If you find illegal content, please report it by sending a message to support or through the following link: https://fpaste.me/support